Parent Time of Maryland

Safe Exchange Services

Once the dust from your child custody litigation has (mostly) settled, the area of greatest potential conflict could be the child custody exchange. Having to see your ex-partner, especially if they are a high-conflict personality, only serves to bring to the surface all of the acrimony that led to the demise of the relationship and the ensuing fights. No shows and custodial interference, cell phones ringing incessantly the moment you’re mere seconds late, cursing and vulgarities and other negative talk (or yelling) in front of the children – all rather common occurrences. 

 It can also be a scene that could lead to false allegations of domestic violence or worse – actual violence.The bottom line is that no matter who is right, who is wrong, who is calm, and who is out of control – there is a child or children sitting there bearing witness to the rather “unadult” behaviors on the part of one or both parents.

What can you do to help dramatically reduce or even eliminate the potential for drama and stress at child custody exchanges?

The exchange service at Parent Time of Maryland allows the custodial parent to take the child to a pre-arranged and neutral location. The non-custodial parent can then pick up the child and return the child to the same neutral location once the visit is finished. The pick-up times can be staggered so that the parents do not have to be in contact with each other. The actual exchange of the children is monitored and documented. Most exchange services are done by an off-duty or retired police officer.